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Feet Up, Shades On!

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Ethan "Kickstand" Greaves
Tubing Staff since 2015
Raft guide since 2008
Sporting God since inception of time.

This reformed ski bum spends his time hob-knobbing with the rich and famous, pretending he can ski. He is like a "little ranger" you will just want to "put in your pocket." Fun Fact: if we told you, we would have to kill you.
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Kirra "Where are the kids" McCollum
Tubing Staff since 2015
Executive Assistant Since 2013

This local chick is currently getting her Bachelors Degree from Oregon State University. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, she has been a Bozeman transplant with a love of the outdoors since 2008. On her days off you can catch her soakin’ up the rays floatin’ on the Madison with her homies.
Davis "Tin-Man" Beveridge
Gallatin Raft Guide since 2014
Tubing Staff since 2016

This young man grew into the ranks of professional shop boy from Gallatin Raft Guide by wounding himself skiing the cold smoke at Bridger Bowl. He took a tentative year off of raft guiding to sling tubes and talk to good lookin’ SUP renters all day. This soon-to-be Industrial Engineer's favorite movie is
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
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Allie Robinson
Tubing Staff since 2016

This Vermont native moved to Bozeman on a whim last year and fell in love, with Montana that is. She is a fun loving chick with a serious bike obsession. She spends her free time gallivanting in the woods and ripping up trails with her mountain bike.
Eliza "Powder Hound" Rohrer
Tubing Staff since 2016

Hailing from Alta, Utah, this Bozeman High graduate loves to ski more than anything. If there is anyway to ski in the summer, she will figure it out. On her days off, she scrolls instagram for gnarly snow pics and dreams of her next ski trip.
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Gabe "Back to Work" Yeykal
Etc. since 2008

Derived from the steel mills on Pittsburgh, this guy does not know how to have fun. But hey, someone needs to keep this business running! If you see him, run the other direction or he will ask you to help with whatever the hell he is working on.