For The Environment

Global Warming isn't just a buzz word, it is a reality we are all witnessing. Why are we doing this? It is 35 miles each way to the Madison River, not including shuttling at the river. That is about 3 gallons of gas per car or more if you drive a truck. Most floaters take two cars to facilitate shuttling. So 6 gallons for every 4 people floating. Go green and use our shuttle!

For the Resource

We hear from the river managers that parking gets overloaded at both Warm Springs and Black's Ford on the Madison. Why are we doing this? Our shuttle service helps to ease congestion at these sites which improves the overall experience for all river users and makes the river managers job a bit easier. Our trips also aim to eliminate garbage on the river by providing mesh trash bags and not allowing glass. Lets all show a little respect to the resources we love to recreate on!

For You

Having a great time on the river is what floating is all about. For many, alcohol is a part of this fun. When overindulgence happens lives are at risk, yours and anyone else on the road with you. Madison River Tubing wants you to be able to have a worry free float from the time you leave Bozeman to the time you return. Each year there are numerous DUI stops involving tubers. Don't be that guy, jump on our shuttle.