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Madison River Tubing is your one stop shop for fun on the water.

Come relax and river tube the warm waters of the Madison River under the big sky of Montana! With a variety of river tubing and rafting trips, we are family-friendly and hassle-free. We also offer a retail and full rental shop across the street from Bozeman High School on Main Street.

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Madison River Tubing

Daily Tubing Trips on the Madison River and Equipment Rentals in Bozeman - Book your Adventure today!!!



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About Us


Madison River Tubing is a family-owned business in Bozeman, Montana. With 25 years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned spending time outside with family and friends, is a rejuvenating experience and increases appreciation for the environment and humans around you.

Madison River Tubing provides a variety of services for you to take advantage of. We offer tubing trips and a river shuttle on the beautiful Madison River. We also offer a variety of river rentals including: river tubes, rafts, inflatable kayaks, canoes, PackRafts, and SUP Rentals.

Visit out FAQ page if you have questions or wondering what to wear tubing?

Our love for the outdoors is a passion that we are honored to share with you.


Why We Do What We Do


For The Environment

Global Warming isn't just a buzz word, it is a reality we are all witnessing. It is 35 miles each way to the Madison River, not including shuttling. That is about 3 gallons of gas per car or more if you drive a truck. Most floaters take two cars to facilitate shuttling. So 6 gallons for every 4 people floating. Go green and use the river shuttle!

For The Resource

We hear from the river managers that parking gets overloaded at both Warm Springs and Black's Ford on the Madison. Our river shuttle helps to ease congestion at these sites which improves the overall experience for all river users and makes the river managers job a bit easier.

Our tubing trips also aim to eliminate garbage on the river by providing mesh trash bags and not allowing glass. We HIGHLY recommend that you purchase or rent a waterproof phone case or dry bad to hold your phone and dry goods. We do not want phones to end up at the bottom of the river, eventually polluting our beautiful water. Let's all show a little respect to the resources we love to recreate on!

For You

Having a great time on the river is what floating is all about. For many, alcohol is a part of this fun. When overindulgence happens lives are at risk, yours and anyone else on the road with you. Madison River Tubing wants you to be able to have a worry-free river tubing experience from the time you leave Bozeman to the time you return. Each year there are numerous DUI stops involving tubers. Don't be that guy, jump on our river shuttle.


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