Party Tube (4-6 people)

Bring your friends or kiddos and put them in our party tube! Holds 2-4 people no problem, and it is the perfect addition to a family raft or tubing trip. Self bailing, so no need to scoop water out, higher back for support and extra layer on the bottom for extra abrasion protection.

Dry Bag Rentals

We offer dry bags for rent! You can get wet, but your stuff doesn't have to! We have multiple sizes to cover your needs. Stuff these with your dry clothes, snacks, devices, and anything else you want to stay dry on your adventure.

Canoe Rentals

Canoeing is one of America's favorite past-times. Montana has plenty of lakes and streams to be explored and a canoe is one of the best ways to do so!  Pack a cooler and have a perfect day on the water. We have one Dagger 16' canoe and one Mad River 17' canoe.


Rental includes: Canoe, paddles, life jackets, loading straps & foam blocks to protect your roof

Canoe rental

Inflatable Kayaks

Single Kayak

We have single inflatable kayaks that are fun and maneuverable. Get some peace and quiet on a pristine mountain lake or enjoy some splashes and thrills down one of the local rivers.

Rental includes: Single Inflatable Kayak, paddle, life jacket, helmet & a pump


Single Inflatable Kayak

Tandem Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are a great way to explore rivers and lakes. This Aire tandem kayak allows you and a friend to enjoy some quality bonding while having fun in the sun!

Rental includes: Tandem Inflatable Kayak, paddles, life jackets, helmets & a pump


Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Youth Single Kayak

This great little NRS inflatable kayak weighs just 17 pounds and is easy for kids to maneuver and play in.

Rental includes: Single Inflatable Kayak, paddle, life jacket, helmet & a pump




youth Inflatable Kayak

Single Kayak

Raft Rentals

12 & 13' Tributary Rafts

A 12' or 13' self-bailing paddle raft constructed of HD PVC 2 thwarts. Tough enough to punch through adrenaline filled rapids, but also suitable for a float down your favorite lazy river. Whether you are seeking an adventure or just some quality family fun, the Tributary has everything you need to explore our local waters.

Raft Rental includes: raft, paddles, pump & life jackets

tributary raft rental

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Standup Paddle Boarding is a great way to get a new perspective on the water and to get a work out in the process. We have a plethora of boards, mostly inflatables and a few rigid options, from SOL. We can accommodate most adventurers with a variety of sizes and even have a couple boards made specifically for children! Our boards can accommodate up to 250 lbs.


Types of Boards & Sizing:

  • Boardworks SHUBU 10'
  • Boardworks SHUBU 10' 7"
  • Boardworks Badfish 10' 6"
  • NRS Tyrant 4'
  • NRS Czar 6'
  • NRS Jester - Youth 9'
  • BIC Rigid - Hard SUP
  • SOL Family of Boards

private tubing trip on Madison River

Deluxe Tubes

Create your own adventure and let us provide you with the gear you need!

These are not truck tire rubber tubes that have an annoying valve. Our deluxe tubes from Aire are engineered for comfort and fun. These tubes also feature a mesh bottom so you can't fall through. Small kids can sit in the center and get wet without falling out!

deluxe tube rentals